Friday, April 4, 2014

So- most people that know me know that I'm not... a KID person. I love children- especially my niece and nephew. Kids are cute. But I'm not one of the those people who will chase down a mom with a baby so she can randomly cuddle. Or someone who would rather interact and roll around on the floor with the little ones than interact with adults.

But this past week we spent four days at an English preschool in Narimasu, Japan... and the little ones there stole little pieces of my heart! It was so amazing to get to spend several days with them- to play and cuddle and console (some of them had a hard time letting go of momma). I was especially thankful to the school for wanting to USE my art, and my love of photography, so I was able to capture some really great photos of the kids.

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One Last Night...

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Its my last night in Japan- crazy. At times it felt like time was creeping by, but sometimes, it seemed as though it was flying.

The last week was spent helping at a preschool- with their spring break school. I was able to take some really great photos of the kids, plus hang out and play with them for four days. I definitely connected with a few and will leave a little part of my heart with them. Photos to come once I'm settled back in Brisbane.

I'm really looking forward to the flight tomorrow. Call me strange, but I love airports and traveling... in flight entertainment. The fact that I have time to read or listen to music for hours upon hours. (ok, 10+ hour flights are a bit much sometimes... but I'm going to enjoy it! Dang it!) 

I'll leave you with a little cherry blossom (or, Sakura as they call it here) love...

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The cherry blossoms are truly beautiful. We have been so blessed to be here at the perfect time to view them. The other night we took a walk down to the river, and, just as I was leaving at twilight, paper lanterns strung in the trees flicked on creating pure magic.

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Here and There... Out and About

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Just some snaps from a pretty spring day...

Our group was on the hunt for Taiyaki, (not me, I've tried bean paste and I'm not a fan!) and apparently the shop here is famous. 

Our favorite place to shop has definitely been the 100 Yen Shops.... (dollar store! yay!) 

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